Wednesday, September 26, 2012


CSSM Meeting - October 20, 2012
1-4 PM
Tower Hill Botanic Garden 
Hypertufa Trough Workshop

The workshop will be led by Deb Pope who has a vast experience making throughs. The fee for materials is $10. Email Suzanne at or Margot at to sign up for the workshop. Participants will need to bring a mask, gloves, plastic bags (to cover mold and/or cover finished trough to keep moist) and a mold. Choose something in a shape, (rectangular, round, square, etc.) that would make a trough you would like. Keep in mind that it has to be carried, so nothing too large since once the mixture is on the mold it will be heavy.

If you do not want to participate there will be something else to do, more info to come.

As usual there will be a social 30 minutes or so with a buffet lunch. And there will be our usual auction, raffle and plant show. Last month there was a good showing of plants for the show which is fun and informative and gives members a chance to show off their special plants. 

We will be placing a plant order to be delivered in November. More info about this will be in the Newsletter.

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