Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Glen will make sure an accurate schedule of show classes for 2011 is available.
Passing Committee (approval of plant naming, condition, etc.) We will ask Matt Opel if he will head this committee. Any help will be appreciated.
Demo/lecture tentative schedule:
      Show Tours (Glen/Art/Dan) - 1PM & 3 PM
      Dan Downey's trough making & planting demo - 12 noon
      Art Scarpa'a Cactus & Succulent growing for beginners - 1:30 PM
      Auction - 2:30 PM
      Paul Carlberg's Haworthia talk - 3:30 PM
Advertising/PR - We will work with Tower HIll, we need to find out if they have a list of Eastern MA freebie publications & will get a list of where TH places ads. We are also going to make a note of reciprocal plant organizations that will provide free entry to TH for the show, particularly Mass Hort. We also need to get a list of CSSM/CSSC members before the show. It was also suggested that the membership secretary have a stamp showing the renewal date on club membership cards.
Plant Order - We agreed to spend $150 per nursery order (not including shipping). Paul will take care of the Steve Hammer order, Art the C&J order, Devan the Miles2Go order & Margot the Out of Africa order. Plants will be shipped the last week of August bare root & there will be a planting party either that week or the next at Bonsai West.
Website - Suzanne & Margot are having trouble accessing the website to make corrections & additions. We will post more show info including entry tickets & class schedules & request for member plant donations for the auctions & CSSM plant table. Additionally, we will post that there are plant organizations that have a reciprocal relationship with TH & provide free entry.
Chris Allen Display - Glen will check to see if he is interested in doing a display similar to last year's. The club will reimburse him for travel, etc.
Vendors - We wil hold a lottery for space, assigning the vendors a number drawn from a hat. We will also provide a map with the spaces numbered & vendors can choose one when their number comes up. We will standardize the number of tables & work with TH around the oil painting show that is happening concurrently to our show.
Volunteers - Wesley is the volunteer coordinator & will provide a spread sheet of what is needed & when, etc.
Plant Donations - Since most of our profit from the show derives from the sale of plants, we are asking all members to donate plants that we can sell at the CSSM table. If possible use 3 1/2 or 4 inch pots for unity. We also need specimen/rare plants for the auctions.

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