Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Field Trip to John Spain's Gardens

Sunday, June 12th CSSM members are in for a treat when we visit John Spain's cold hardy cactus gardens. John spoke to the club about hardy cacti and members were very interested in the expert information he gave about growing cold hardy cacti in our climate. We will see his gardens and his greenhouse collection.
Members will have another chance to get growing tips, etc, from him. This will be a fun trip with people who share our interest in succulents! Margot has also enticed us with a deli stop on the way home where,
she says, they have great food.

Since there were not enough members at the May meeting who wanted to hire a bus, we will be traveling by car. Wesley has agreed to be the car pooling co-ordinator to assist members who want to share rides and expenses. If you are willing to drive contact him at and put in the subject line "will share a ride " and if you need a ride put in " need a ride ". Wesley will then contact you with someone and
their email and, possibly, a phone number so you can make further arrangements. This will be a big help for members, thank you, Wesley for taking on this task!

Be sure to bring beverages, food, and snacks since there will be nothing served at the Spain's and there are no restaurants nearby. Also, bring a chair and an umbrella to have some shade if it is a sunny day.