Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plants for sale at the March meeting

At the March meeting the following members wil be selling:

Maureen  - flower pots of various sizes and materials

Jeff will be bringing 42 plants, a mix of Haworthias and other succulents.  Prices will be between $1.25 and $4.00 each depending on the size and species.

Top row left to right - Haworthia attenuata, Crassula ovata, Ledebouria, Albuca sp.' Augrabies Hill', and Echeveria pulvinata.  
Second row L to R - Christmas cactus, Pleiospilos compactus ssp. canus, Gasteria cv 'Little Warty", Haworthia truncata v. maughani, and  Haworthia limifolia v. umbomboensis.  
Single plant in the foreground - Haworthia cv. 'Grey Ghost'.  
Not pictured - Opuntia cv. 'Smithwick'. 

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