Monday, October 25, 2010

Steven Hammer's newest plant list is out

Ok everyone, Steven Hammer just published a new list of sale plants at his sales site.  The way it works with buying from him is that every few months he publishes lists of plants he has for sale in larger quantities.  Customers send in their orders fast for the rarer things so get a move on if you want any thing listed there.  You can also ask him if he has something you are looking for that is not on the list.  He seems to have mainly South African plants and has a huge selection of in Mesembs (especially conophytums), Haworthia, and Gasteria.

Many CSSM members buy from him on a regular basis.  I personally recommend him as a seller, his prices are very low and his plants are always excellent.  CSSM orders many of our sale plants for the show and meetings from him.

He sends the plants "bare root" which mean all the soil is removed and the roots are exposed and dry.  This means you must have soil and pots waiting when you get your plants.  It also means some times reviving the root system once a plant is potted up.   It is up to you as the grower to figure out if and how to do this and beyond the scope of this post to describe.

Contact him by email with one list of what you want to buy from the published list and another of what you are looking for.  He will let you know what is available and how much it will all cost.  Then you send him a check (no credit cards, pay pal, or other electronic methods) and he sends you your plants.


  1. Steve always has great plants, for cheap.

  2. How do I get Steve's email? A lot of my friends and I are chasing some moraea tortilis, and other South African Plants. Can he post to Australia? Regards,