Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 -2011 CSSM Program Schedule

Below is the schedule of upcoming meeting programs for the 2010-2011 year.  Programs in BOLD are definite, those not in bold are tentative.  We meet monthly from October through June with our annual Show in September.  Our meetings take place on the third Saturday of the month from 1-4 pm at the stated location for that date.  For directions to meetings please google the meeting location and/or use maps or a mapping program.

Visitors are always welcome at our meeting free of charge.  If we are meeting at Tower Hill Botanic Garden just tell the gate attendant that you are going to "the cactus club meeting" and you will be let in for free (the society rents out a room for the meeting).  At the front desk ask to be directed to the Cactus club meeting.

Most people come to the society as beginner succulent plant growers so please don't be shy about joining us.  If you have any interest at all in this society please come to one of the meetings and find me (Devan) and introduce your self.  Although I am very busy during the meeting I would be happy to show you around and let you know how the club works.  I want all people interested in our society to see first hand what it has to offer them.

We are a fun, friendly, easy going group of plant lovers and welcome people of all ages.  The meetings are family friendly so don't hesitate to bring your children along.  If you are a kid who loves plants and found our society, please have your parents bring you to one of our meetings.

October 16 Introduction to Rock Gardening Tower Hill Botanic Garden
November 20 Cultivating Cold Hardy Cacti Tower Hill Botanic Garden
December 18 Annual pot luck holiday party Goodnow Library             Sudbury, Ma
January 15 Travelogue from South Africa Tower Hill Botanic Garden
February 19 Conophytums Tower Hill Botanic Garden
March 19 Travelogue from Big Bend Texas Tower Hill Botanic Garden
April 16 Cactus and Succulent Books Tower Hill Botanic Garden
May 21
- Pre-show pep rally
- Annual meeting to elect new officers
Tower Hill Botanic Garden
June Field trip Destination not yet determined